Currectly, I study in US and major in CS and Econ; will graduate in 2019. My part-time interests are Computer Graphics, Machine Learning, and Network Security. I can speak four languages: Chinese, English, German, and Japanese(still in progress).

Huge anime fan; favorite anime is Shin Sekai Yori; favorite visual novel is Utawarerumono. Current season, Meido in Abisu is in my anime list. I am also a huge fan of J-pop and electrical music; Aimer is my favorite artist; if possible I really want to go to her concert or Summer Sonic Festival.

Extend My Skill Tree

  • Programming Languages: C/C++(14), Python 3, GLSL, Ruby, JS
  • Tools and Libraries: OpenGL, OpenCV, TensorFlow, zsh, vim, tmux, git
  • Frameworks: Ruby on Rails, Django, Node.js

Instant Messaging and Social Account: Telegram and Twitter

My PGP Keys is available from the PGP Public Key Servers